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Zach Crist Stands Up for Community Housing

By September 19, 2016March 3rd, 2022Stand Up

zachimg_1752-smI stand up for Community Housing

“Affordable housing is an increasingly important subject up and down the valley. The backbone of this community is our working class and for a nonprofit like SVSEF, we depend upon coaches and staff members who work for modest wages because they are passionate about the lifestyle here. Affordable housing isn’t just a workforce issue, it’s also about preserving our mountain culture. Hopefully this collective understanding eases the NIMBY mentality.”


A member of the US Ski Team from 1991-1998, Zach competed on the World Cup for 7 seasons. In 1999, he shifted his focus to the emerging event of ski cross. After 9 X Games appearances Zach tallied gold, silver and bronze medals becoming one of the sports pioneers alongside brother Reggie. Currently Zach works the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation and is an inspiration to young athletes as they grow their own character and snowsports career.