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REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS ARCH Community Housing Trust, a non-profit developer of affordable housing in Blaine County, is seeking proposals from qualified general contractors with significant experience in the construction of affordable housing to construct 6 units of townhome style housing in three buildings. Minority and…
November 20, 2017
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Who are the applicants?

Resort Personnel — Everyone from the folks that left the mint on your uncles pillow when he stayed at the lodge to the ski patrol person that rescued you with a toboggan when you blew your ACL in the bowls. Emergency Personnel — Right.. the guy…
September 20, 2017
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Great Successes in 2016: ARCH Annual Report

This has been an incredibly exciting and successful year for ARCH, both in terms of delivering affordable housing, and gaining support for our organization and mission. On the development side, we built three new ownership homes and two rental properties; redeveloped four-plex to be used as transitional…
December 31, 2016
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Working his A$$ off

Working and living in the community in which you serve is vital to a thriving economy. The average salary of a starting firefighter in Blaine County is $43,115 per year. The median sales price of a Blaine County, single family home is $425,000. This disparity…
September 28, 2016