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About ARCH

Who we are

ARCH delivers all stages of the housing development process from site selection and acquisition through entitlements, construction and management of housing for our workforce. We utilize federal funding sources in order to build housing for lower income residents and private funds, including philanthropy to build housing for moderate income households.

Our Vision

To create a thriving, sustainable, year-round community in Blaine County.

Our Mission

To develop safe, permanently affordable housing for persons of low to moderate-income and to work with all interested public and private parties towards this objective.

Our Values

Honesty, Integrity, Citizenship, Enhancement, Community, Affordability, Quality

Our Principles

To deliver high-quality affordable housing.
To balance effective use of resources with the delivery of attractive, long-lasting housing.
To integrate workforce housing compatible with surrounding neighborhoods.

Our History

Originally an advocacy group, ARCH was formed in 2005 by founder, past Board President, and current Advisory Board Member, Rebekah Helzel. The organization focused on educating policymakers, employers, and the public at large about the need for permanent housing affordability solutions and the resulting problems if affordable housing is unavailable.

In 2007 we amended our bylaws and IRS application to become a Community Land Trust (CLT) with a view to actively acquire land and homes to ensure ongoing affordability. We are a member of the National CLT Network.

Who We Serve by Profession

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The Housing Challenge

From 2016 to 2020, the median sale of a single family home in Blaine County increased by: 

Source: Windermere Sun Valley

Meanwhile, the median household income decreased by: 

– 0.25%
Source: HUD (Housing & Urban Development)

Since the general rule of thumb is that a household can afford 3x the annual household income when buying a home. That means it takes 9.52 Blaine County household incomes to purchase the median home.

Since 2009 ARCH has:


Over 130 units of affordable housing.


Over $675k in private donations with federal housing dollars.


Over $26 million in federal housing dollars.

The Project Pipeline

It's bigger than you think!

ARCH is constantly working towards bridging the housing affordability gap. At any given time, ARCH has developments in every stage of the pipeline. The entire process takes at least two years, but often up to five years.

Identify & Purchase Land

1 Month to Several Years

The development process begins with identifying and purchasing land.

Land Entitlement

3 to 6 Months

The land is entitled, which means it goes through the city approval process.

Housing Design Process

3 to 4 Months

ARCH designs the housing process. This includes architecture and engineering.

Building Permit Process

2-4 Weeks

ARCH submits the designs to the county for a building permit


12 Months

Materials begin to arrive and construction follows once a permit is acquired.

Family Moves In


The full process takes anywhere from two to five years after the initial purchase of land.