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Who We Serve

We ensure that the people who provide vital services to this community can afford to live in it.

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Blaine County is Expenisve

The people we serve in Blaine County are professionals. Unlike many other communities, professional service providers cannot afford to live here. Our teachers, hospital workers, postal providers and many other service related members of our community need our help.

Their income is considered lower middle class and in some cases even middle class if you take them out of Blaine County. The economic growth of our valley depends on those who work and work hard. They should be able to afford to live here.

Our commitment is to make sure that when you dial 911 the individual that will help save your home from fire, or protect you from intrusion isn’t traveling from out of the county.

It’s Vital to our Economy

Along with providing quality solutions for housing affordability we help our community’s individuals and families establish  self-sufficiency by giving them ways to obtain housing stability, homeownership and ultimately financial security.

Those who are financially self-sufficient help create a more vital and thriving community and that is a benefit to all of us.

We Improve Value

ARCH develops solutions to housing affordability in Blaine County that has two results.

At the forefront is upholding our mission to develop permanent solutions to housing affordability for quality people. The secondary benefit is that our high-quality new construction often increases the per square foot average of the surrounding area. Also, when we renovate a distressed home it increases the appeal of the adjacent homes.