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May 2017


Oak Street Update

In early March we wrote an article about the new affordable housing being completed in Bellevue. This project has been an awesome addition of housing to the valley, and we’re looking forward to the projects that we have in our future. The landscaping on two…
May 9, 2017

Not From Our Mouth

We love when we get glimpses of articles that don’t come from us that speak to the need of affordable housing in the Wood River Valley. On April 26th, the Idaho Mountain Express wrote a fantastic article about having affordable housing as a top priority.…
May 2, 2017

Housing Workshop — Having the Best for You

We recently read an article published by the MacArthur Foundation, regarding their recent sponsorship of a workshop on housing for journalists. This specific article had a couple of powerful messages, but the one that spoke to us most, is that housing impacts many social areas,…
May 16, 2017