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Get Involved

Learn how to get involved and support ARCH

Make a Donation


Are you willing to:

  • make a statement we can use online and in print?
  • be in our advertising campaigns?
  • show up at community meetings?
  • write letters of support to decision makers?

If you are ready to STAND UP for ARCH and would like to make a statement of support along with a photo we can use online please click the button below.

I'm ready to STAND UP for ARCH!

Do you have another way that you would like to help? Tell us.

I'd like to learn more about standing up for ARCH


Garden Luncheon at Kelly and Bruce Martin's home

Fundraising Event or Open House

One of the most effective methods of communicating the details of housing affordability and ARCH’s role is a small group in the comfortable, informal setting of someone’s home.

Contact ARCH for more information.


Help ARCH to expand it’s reach by underwriting an advertising campaign or special event.

Contact ARCH for more information.


Publicize at Your Place of Business

We are very grateful to Zenergy for allowing us to place informational materials in the lobby of the club. The photo display and pamphlets greatly expanded our base of support and the level of understanding around housing affordability.

Contact ARCH for more information.