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Alec England and Kayla Hanson Stand Up For Community Housing

By November 9, 2016March 3rd, 2022Stand Up, Uncategorized

I Stand Up For Community Housing

I (Alec) have grown up in a handful of places, but the Wood River Valley has always been “home” to me. After graduating from Boise State University, my plan was to come back to the valley with my girlfriend, Kayla, and begin working at at our upcoming jobs. But while spending the summer after graduation sleeping on our friends’ couches in search of a place to rent, it became apparent that finding a rental home within our price range was just not feasible. This forced us to pursue other options before the summer had even ended. Oddly enough, it is easier to find a place to live in Portland, Oregon than it is in Ketchum, Idaho right now. We don’t want to see the Wood River Valley continue to be thought of as a retirement community. That is why I stand up for ARCH. To help ensure that future generations can feasibly live and work in the Wood River Valley.

– Alec England and Kayla Hanson, Non-millionaires