Mickey Garcia Stands up for Community Housing

By November 17, 2016 News, Stand Up
Stand Up for ARCH | Mickey Garcia | Community Housing

“I Stand Up For Community Housing”

– Mickey Garcia, Candidate for Blaine County Commissioner

In an October 2016 article posted by Magicvalley.com, Mickey Garcia, a candidate for Blaine County Commissioner, expressed interest in tackling the issues faced by Blaine County residents. One of these issues, as you may have guessed is our problem with affordable housing. When asked by Magicvalley.com about his views on the top three issues facing Blaine County, he made it clear that he supports affordable housing by working to amend “exclusionary zoning restrictions”.

At ARCH, we work tirelessly to ensure that more people can afford to live and work in our beautiful valley. It is nice to see concerned citizens stand up for what we believe in.
For the Magicvalley.com article, click here.