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Idaho Mt. Express: Community Housing Plans Are Shaping Up

By November 21, 2016March 3rd, 2022Current Projects, Hailey, News, Press Release, Publications

The ball is rolling! We would like to send out a huge THANK YOU to everyone who made the effort to show up! We have been working so hard to be as transparent as possible when it come to community outreach. Thank you all so much.


ARCH Community Housing Trust presented initial designs for a new community housing unit along Buttercup Road to the Blaine County Housing Authority on Wednesday.

    ARCH Executive Director Michelle Griffith said at the open meeting that the trust is trying to gain input from all sides on the project, situated north of Hailey. While only one member of the public commented on the site plan last night, Griffith said she had been talking with nearby stakeholders representing groups of people.

    “In response to the community, we have tried to do so much community outreach,” she said, noting discussions with nearby Valley Club Manager Barry Beavers, Streamside community developer Jack Bariteau and Brent Robinson of the Valley Club Homeowners Association.

    Housing Authority Acting Director Bobi Bellows also said nearby individual residents were informed of the plan and meeting agenda via email.

    The Housing Authority has come under scrutiny from a few local residents over perceived lack of transparency and the handling of a previous project. Griffith outlined Wednesday night how ARCH’s plans would move forward. Those plans included three phases to be presented publicly: a site plan with orientation of the building and landscape; elevations, including material choices and color schemes; and a construction schedule.

    Griffith presented the site plan to the Housing Authority on Wednesday night, going over some feedback and giving the agency two options.

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