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Thank you to partners Wells Fargo Bank, US Bank and Bank of America.

By September 17, 2013March 3rd, 2022Home Announcement Center

ARCH received a $5,000 grant from Wells Fargo Bank as part of its Community Development focus to create and sustain affordable housing.  This grant allows ARCH to purchase washers and dryers for homes funded with HUD HOME dollars.

Our partners at Bank of America have awarded $5,000 to ARCH for the 4th consecutive year.  These grant funds will be used to acquire additional rental housing.  In addition to serving our mission to crate affordable housing, the acquisition of rental housing also provides revenue to our organization.  Our goal is to fund 100% of operational costs with program income derived from rentals.

ARCH is proud to announce that for the first time, we have received a grant from US Bank.  The $2,500 grant will be used for our single family scattered site program.