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Housing Workshop — Having the Best for You

By May 16, 2017March 3rd, 2022News

We recently read an article published by the MacArthur Foundation, regarding their recent sponsorship of a workshop on housing for journalists. This specific article had a couple of powerful messages, but the one that spoke to us most, is that housing impacts many social areas, and more specifically children’s preparedness for school.

But, let’s take a couple steps back. The article started by mentioning that — rarely do you have the opportunity to read articles on housing in health and wellness journals. Which, if you take the time to think about, is very true. When do you recall seeing that article? This should be a topic that is talked about more, because housing does play a large part in a person’s health and wellness journey in life. It may make sense to you, but for those of who work in the housing industry, and more specifically the affordable housing industry, we see this challenge every day.

The article went on to describe the impact poor or unaffordable housing has on child preparedness for entering kindergarten. We take great pride in being able to assist families in the Wood River Valley. We deliver housing options that provides a roof over their head, at a price they can afford. Providing a safe and stable place for a family, impacts their health, wellbeing and overall family life.

To read the article that we’re referring, click here!