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2022 Summer Newsletter

By August 9, 2022News, , Publications

What We’ve Been Up To This Year

ARCH continues to utilize federal housing dollars in order to serve a large part of our community. However, these funds have limitations.

  • Rental income can only be 60% or less than the Area Median Income (AMI)
  • Ownership is limited to 80% or less of AMI
  • These programs do not allow housing targeted to a specific employer or industry

In spite of those limitations, federal housing funding finances significant housing for our community. This year we completed:

  • Blaine Manor (60 units of rental housing)
  • Parcel O (two rental units and seven ownership housing units) using federal housing programs

Raising the Roof on Affordability

ARCH has launched a second line of business that directly targets our moderate-income households—those who earn too much for federally funded housing. Private philanthropy is making housing more accessible to our workforce and allows us to target specific industries and employers. 

Using private philanthropy and partnerships, ARCH is delivering housing for the workforce. Projects underway include partnerships with:

St. Luke’s Wood River

ARCH is under construction on 12 homes for hospital employees; the first will be ready for occupancy this fall.  They will be rented at no more than 30% of adjusted household income for whichever hospital employees are designated.  This innovative partnership is a first and will likely become a scalable model for the entire hospital system as well as hospitals nationwide.

Blaine County School District

ARCH was thrilled to have been selected through the district RFP process to develop six to eight homes on three district-owned parcels.  Construction will begin next spring.

The City of Bellevue 

The City of Bellevue approved a long term benevolent lease for a duplex property owned by the City.  Because the city owns the land, City employees will be prioritized to live in the homes.

Blaine County 

American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Funding

Blaine County is a significant partner in our workforce housing initiative. County Commissioners have committed $990,000 of ARPA funding to serve our workforce. The funding will underwrite eight rental units and three ownership units throughout the County.