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Developing Permanently Affordable Housing Solutions
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Raising the Roof on Affordability

ARCH has launched a second line of business that directly assists our moderate-income households—those who earn too much for federally funded housing but not enough to live here. Private funding makes housing more accessible to the workforce and allows for partnerships with specific industries and employers. Using private funds and partnerships, ARCH is delivering housing for our workforce.

ARCH actively acquires land and homes to ensure ongoing affordability.

Our Mission

To develop safe, permanently affordable housing for persons of low to moderate-income and to work with all interested public and private parties towards this objective.

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Nuestra Misión

Desarrollar viviendas seguras y asequibles para personas de ingresos bajos a moderados y trabajar con todas las partes interesadas, públicas y privadas, para lograr este objetivo.

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The Project Pipeline

It's bigger than you think!

ARCH is constantly working towards bridging the housing affordability gap. At any given time, ARCH has developments in every stage of the pipeline. The entire process takes at least two years, but often up to five years.

Identify & Purchase Land

1 Month to Several Years

The development process begins with identifying and purchasing land.

Land Entitlement

3 to 6 Months

The land is entitled, which means it goes through the city approval process.

Housing Design Process

3 to 4 Months

ARCH designs the house. This includes architecture and engineering.

Building Permit Process

2-4 Weeks

ARCH submits the designs to the county for a building permit.


12 Months

Materials begin to arrive and construction follows once a permit is acquired.

Family Moves In


The full process takes anywhere from two to five years after the initial purchase of land.

Projects Underway

Using private philanthropy and partnerships, ARCH is delivering housing for the workforce. Projects underway include partnerships with:

St. Lukes Wood River

12 homes for hospital employees

Blaine County School District

Six to eight homes

The City of Bellevue

Duplex property development

ARPA Funding

$990K workforce housing initiative partner

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