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“ARCH has created the best vehicle for addressing financial literacy in Blaine County, and you have the track record to turn this education into homeownership,”  – Brett Barton, Bank of America

Real Financial Help for Real People

ARCH recently received grants from the Wells Fargo Foundation ( and Bank of America ( in support of Real Financial Help for Real People. The goal of this program is to provide affordable financial literacy and credit counseling to our entire community. So far ARCH has assisted 14 families in foreclosure, helping two of these families stay in their homes, offered credit seminars that have helped over 30 individuals better understand their financial situation and the possibility of homeownership, and initiated a series of credit tips that air on local radio station KECH FM.

Open Door

Open Door allows ARCH to acquire homes that may be sold at an affordable rate to ready, willing, and able local working people in order to lessen the commute burden in our valley and allow for a more sustainable lifestyle. Folks can actually live in or near the city where they work. Open Door is a unique collaboration between ARCH, the City of Ketchum, and our partners in the program which hopefully will become a model for the development of further affordable housing in our community.

“Those affiliated with Well Fargo here in Blaine County believe that ARCH is the face and backbone of affordable housing and we are happy to help you in dealing with growing need for financial education.”  -Bob Corker, Wells Fargo


New Homes

With the help of many members of the community ARCH bought down the price of two Green Meadows Condo units in Old Hailey. These units were sold to members of our community making below 60% of AMI (Area Median Income) giving local families a place to call home and a bigger stake in our community.

Community Housing Week

From 2005 through 2007 ARCH hosted the annual Community Housing Week for Blaine County. Through speakers, workshops, and artistic competition ARCH brought awareness and understanding to the issue of affordable housing in our community.

Habitat for Humanity House

In October of 2008 Blaine County Deputy Sheriff Rene Rodriguez and his family moved into the first Habitat for Humanity house in Blaine County. ARCH acquired the land that made it possible for Habitat to build affordable housing for one of our essential service employees.

“Volunteer firefighters are not doing it for the money, they are doing it to protect their neighbors.  We need to help these folks out by providing affordable housing in Ketchum, so that they can better serve their community.”  – Mike Elle, Ketchum Fire Chief