Ellsworth Inn

The property currently is comprised of an Inn, used as a bed and breakfast, and two additional buildings on slightly less than two acres of land. The City of Sun Valley selected ARCH as the developer for the project during the August Sun Valley City Council meeting. Our proposal involves demolishing one of the unusable outbuildings, renovating the second one, and completely reconfiguring the interior of the Inn. Currently, the Inn has 9 bedrooms with attached bathrooms, but only one shared kitchen and living space for the entire building. The new plan aims to create 6 one-bedroom units, each with a kitchen, living and dining space, as well as a bedroom and bathroom. Additionally, we intend to construct 2 new four-bedroom units, which is a new venture for ARCH, and 10 new three-bedroom units.

As the housing units are not exclusively designated for city employees, ARCH will have the opportunity to assist households earning between 80 and 140 percent of the area’s median income on a first-come, first-served basis.

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