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New Housing Coming — Fingers Crossed

By March 9, 2017March 3rd, 2022News

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve hired Tom Dabney of TND architecture to help design a new housing development in Hailey. If approved by the city, 3920 Woodside Blvd, will be a collaborative effort between ARCH, Blaine County Recreation District (BCRD), and Wood River Land Trust (WRLT). The housing development will be constructed on about half of the parcel of land with the remainder of the land being trail access and other public open space.

We are currently anticipating that there will be a public input meeting this month where neighborhood residents can give input on site design. This meeting will be held at the Community Campus, specific date and time to follow.

For more information on this potential development please feel free to contact us directly, BCRD directly or WRLT. We’d all be happy to answer any questions, otherwise please join us at the public input meeting. Check back shortly for the date and time of the meeting.