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Hot Topic Follow Up: Buttercup Road Developments

By March 8, 2017March 3rd, 2022News

To follow up on a topic that has been very hot here since last summer… The Buttercup road developments.

Neighbors and stakeholders near the proposed development of 3702 Buttercup Road, on the north side of Hailey, had the opportunity to make comments earlier this month. These comments spanned across several topics during the meeting — on elevations, material choices and colors. All comments made during the Blaine County Housing Authority meeting were very positive, and we (ARCH) responded to the feedback accordingly. Of the comments brought to light during the meeting, we addressed the trim color immediately. We are now eliminating a white trim color, and electing for a color most, if not all were in favor for — earthen tone browns.

For more information on the projects you can visit our project page here, for a high level of what they development will be. You can also contact us or BCHD directly with further questions.