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Who are the applicants?

By September 20, 2017March 3rd, 2022News, Press Release

Resort Personnel — Everyone from the folks that left the mint on your uncles pillow when he stayed at the lodge to the ski patrol person that rescued you with a toboggan when you blew your ACL in the bowls.

Emergency Personnel — Right.. the guy that saved your life when you were having a heart attack.  You definitely want him in your community – don’t you? 911 should not be a long distance call.

Construction — You know these guys. They built your beautiful home but have to drive to Twin Falls to afford one of their own.

Restaurant — Remember the young lady that bent over backwards to make your anniversary celebration perrrrrrfect. Yep, she commutes from Gooding where her husband and two kids live. She takes her paycheck back to Gooding every day.

Outdoor Goods Manufacturer — Yo! you know those RAD companies that make a ski town a ski town. Those folks are living 4 people to a two bedroom apartment. It would probably be cool for them to live alone or in their own room at least.


Remember, wages here in Blaine County aren’t terrible. They are 2% more than outlying areas. Housing on the other hand is 57% higher. That’s why all of us need ARCH.