Transforming our Community

Members of our community collaborate and transform a run down property into a beautiful home.


Upcoming Project in Bellevue

Four stylish townhomes
Two beautiful buildings
Each approximately 1400 sq.ft.


About ARCH

Who we are

Since 2005 ARCH has transformed the way our community looks at affordable housing. ARCH actively acquires land and homes to ensure ongoing affordability. By buying and restoring properties in Blaine County, we are able to welcome into the neighborhood our teachers, police officers, hospital technicians, firefighters, nurses, and others who serve the community.

ARCH improves the quality of life for hard-working families who, in a more typical community, would not need housing assistance. We ensure that the people who serve this community can afford to live in it.

Our Vision

To create a thriving community in Blaine County.

Our Mission

To develop, safe, permanently affordable housing for persons of low to moderate income and to work with all interested public and private parties towards this objective.

Our Values

Honesty, Integrity, Citizenship, Enhancement, Community, Affordability, Quality

Our History

Originally an advocacy group, ARCH was formed in 2005 by founder, past Board President and current Advisory Board Member, Rebekah Helzel. The organization focused on educating policy makers, employers and the public at large about the need for affordable housing and the resulting problems if affordable housing is unavailable.

In 2007 we amended our bylaws and IRS application to become a Community Land Trust (CLT) with a view to actively acquire land and homes to ensure ongoing affordability. We are a member of the National CLT Network.

Also since 2007 we have been certified as a Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) by the Idaho Housing Finance Association.


ARCH is funded through private donations which are highly leveraged with Federal housing development funds. Federal Funding represents a significantly larger proportion of development funding than private funds; however, applications for Federal funding require a private “match” component.

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Interesting Facts

$425,000 = Blaine County Median Sale Price of Single Family home in 2016
Source: Sun Valley Board of Realtors

In 2016 the Median Household Income for a family of 4 = $78,600
Source: HUD (Housing & Urban Development)

A general rule of thumb is that a household can afford 3 times the annual household income when buying a home.

This means that it takes 3.5 Blaine County household incomes to purchase the average home.

Our Process

Turn Donations Into Grants

Buy the Land

Build the House

Help a Family